Tulle Skirt Tutorial


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Step 1: Cut out tulle and elastic

Determine how many layers you would like, this skirt doesn’t have a lining so I usually do a minimum of 2 layers but you can do more or less.

Since I'm doing 2 layers, I'm going to cut out four rectangles (two layers for the front and 2 for the back) the skirt length by width of tulle.

Step 2: Sew the side seams

-Layer each piece of tulle on top of each-other the first two layers right side up, if you have rainbow tulle like this you will want to make sure the colours are lined up as as well, and the next two layers right side down and ensuring the colours are matched up for these two layers too.
Open the fabric with even layers on each side this should give you a circle of tulle and quarter off using a marker. 


Step 3: Gather

Start with a long chain then switch your Serger Settings 9,9,0,0, Differential Max, Stitch MAX

-Guide your tulle as it gathers, Note: it will pull your fabric in super fast but make sure you do not put any resistance on the tulle as it pulls it into the serger. 

Once you get back to the start, you’re going to want to go as close as you can to the tail and create another long tail 15”or so. DO NOT let your knife cut the thread from the starting stitches OR go over your starting stitches with your needles. HANDLE YOUR GATHERS WITH CARE! They're very delicate!
***NOTE: Make sure you don’t cut off your middle markers during the gather process, we need those!

Step 4: Attach to the elastic
Quarter the elastic and line up the quartered tulle to the elastic. Then line up the tulle with the elastic evenly releasing or gathering the tulle. If you need tighter gathers locate the needle threads and gently pull them tighter.
Before you start sewing the tulle to the elastic, gently pull the tulle out 1/4” so when you sew the round you’re cutting off the gathering stitches. Make sure you DO NOT cut the elastic with your blade!

Step 5: Finish off the skirt
Fold the elastic to the wrong side of the skirt and clip all the way around. Using a zigzag stitch sew the right side of the fabric along the bottom of the elastic.