Create Custom Mockups

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to add your own fabric options to each section of the clothing item to make your own mockups! This is a great tool to have to help showcase what your finished item will look like!

I am using the free editing software, Gimp. Found here
(***Disclaimer-when downloading anything from the internet there is always a chance you are downloading virus's or other harmful things to your computer. Download at your own risk)

The line art used is The Bunny Hug grow with me sweater by Apple Tree Sewing Patterns- The sewing pattern can be found here.

The downloadable File can be found in the Files section of the Pixel Weave Fabrics Group. Please do not share the file outside of the group but feel free to direct those wanting the file to the website or facebook group. Thank you!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out! 

Step 1:
 Open all the files needed to create your mockup.
In Gimp, open the mockup file as well as all the fabric prints you plan to use by selecting File>Open> (go to where your files are stored)>Open. You might be asked if you would like to change colourspace, select  Keep. Do this for each print. 

Step 2: Bringing the print into the mockup file.
First, Create a new layer by clicking the rectangle with the + at the bottom of the layers panel. Select Ok. 

The new layer will appear in the layers panel. We want to move this layer to UNDER the Line art layer, simply click and drag the new layer to below the line art layer.

 On the top of the window you will see all the thumbnails with each print you opened. Go to the first print by Clicking the thumbnail one time. The print will open its own document.

With the 
Move tool selected click on the print and copy it by typing Ctrl+C

Go back to the mockup file (by selecting the thumbnail at the top) making sure you are on the new layer you just made and paste the image by typing CTRL+P. It should look like this.

Step 3: Resize the print to its proper scale.
In the layers panel select the image you just added to the document. Right click>scale layer. Select the unit of measurement drop down box and select the appropriate measurement. Then type in the scale of the print. In this case the scale of the print is 6"x6" (if the scale is not square, click the chain link beside numbers and it will allow you to change both hight and width). Select Scale and your image will scale to size!

Step 4: Create an image big enough to fit in the section.
If the print is too small to fit in a section we will need to make it bigger without adjusting the size. to do this we will have to make a copy of the print and connect it.
Click on the print in the layers panel and duplicate the image by selecting the duplicate button at the bottom of the layers panel. A copy will appear in the layers panel.

Line up the print by clicking and dragging to its desired position. To connect both images, right click  on the top copy and select Merge Down. 
*Do this step as many times as needed until you are able to fit the print in the desired space. 
*If you are using this print for another section, duplicate it and drag it to the side so you don't need to repeat the steps above.

Step 5: Adjusting image in the desired section.
With the Move tool selected put the print over the desired section by clicking and dragging the image. To rotate the image select the rotate tool. When you are happy with where your print is within the desired section proceed to the next step.


Step 6: Create the Layer Mask
In the layers panel put the print above whatever section you want that print to go by clicking and dragging.
*I want the Right Cuff to be plaid, my plaid print layer is above my Right Cuff Layer

Select the layer section you want the print to go.
*Here I will select the Right Cuff layer
With the Magic Wand selection tool click inside the section you want the print to go. 
(if the selection is going around the letters turn up the threshold to almost as high as it will go by clicking inside the threshold bar and dragging to the right)

In the layers panel, Right Click on the print layer>Add layer mask...> Selection>ADD.

And thats it for the first print! Continue each step for each print.

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